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This Solar Eclipse begins on December 25 at 9:29 p.m EST or Dec 26 at 02:29 a.m. UCT and is finished at 3: 05 a.m. EST or 08:05 a.m. UCT on December 26. According to “The annular phase of this solar eclipse is visible from Saudi Arabia, Oman, southern India, and parts of Indonesia, weather permitting. In most of Asia, parts of North/East Africa, and North/West Australia, people can see a partial eclipse.” We in Ontario will not be able to see this eclipse.

The new Moon is on December 26, 2019 at 12:15 a.m. EST.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse is at 4 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. It is well aspected by Jupiter which is conjunct this degree and Uranus which is trine this degree. As a result, this sounds quite favourable.

This is a cardinal position and those with their Sun in Capricorn in the early degrees as well as those with their Sun in Cancer in the early degrees will have this placement in conjunction and in opposition respectively in their charts. Those with their Sun in the early degrees of Aries and Libra will have this position square to the eclipse degree. We could go deeper and discuss each sign but for this post we will focus on the Cardinal degrees.

The energies of a New Moons and Solar Eclipses offer up opportunities to make changes in your life. You can rid yourself of anything that no longer suits your path and formulate a new focus, if so desired, to advance your cause or goals.

Some will experience turmoil and harder lessons at this time which over time have the potential to foster growth and expansion. Although havoc is often accompanied with the energies of a Solar Eclipse, they do create positive change. Those individuals with their Sun square to this position, although somewhat challenging, you will want to push your way through the adversity and use this as an opportunity to apply useful and practical solutions to any problems that may need dealing with. It might be time for a fresh start.

Although these energies might be a little challenging especially if you also have a hard aspect with the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction taking hold in January/February, 2020, you can use these energies to go after what is important to you. Capricorn always implies hard work and dedication but with the conjunction to Jupiter, good fortune and opportunities can certainly be part of the picture for the upcoming period in your life. Your focus should be on long term goals, and you shouldn’t expect things to happen quickly although they just might with the unpredictability of transiting Uranus making a trine to this position.

Uranus fosters needed change and opens doors to new perceptions and sometimes enlightenment due to the change of direction that it promotes. It can happen in unusual ways or at unexpected times. You might not think you are ready for what it proposes, but often the change it represents is long overdue. It may take some time to settle into the changes that have potential to unfold but as you move ahead on your path you will see how fortunate this period actually was.

Enjoy this gift and make the most out of the opportunities at hand. Life will reward you for your perseverance and calculated advancement.

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