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We will be experiencing a New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 4, 2021, beginning at 2:43 a.m. EST. This Eclipse is at 12 degrees in the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good luck and fortunate potential.

New Moon’s energy has to do with new beginnings and this Eclipse strengthens this and brings hope and often hidden potential.

With transiting Uranus quincunx this position at 11 degrees in the sign of Taurus, there may be a surprising twist to the events defined by the house position of this eclipse in your Natal Chart.

This will be a time to begin a project, start a relationship, begin a new job or potentially find important information that can take you to a new level. Uranus in quincunx to this placement often points towards the need for adjustment on some level. Check to see where transiting Uranus and Natal Uranus are found in your birth chart to get a clearer understanding as to what this might mean for you.

Sometimes the adjustment that is necessary to move ahead in a new direction or begin something new and original can be challenging as we may have to leave something behind to advance our cause. New Moon’s always suggest new beginnings although you really do not need to be concerned about the outcome for some six months when we have the opposition (Full Moon) to this placement. However, they say that a solar eclipse lasts in years as the eclipse lasts in hours. This might well be an ongoing adventure. The first year will likely be the most engaging and the most eventful.

Eclipses have been known to shake things up and it may be time to leave behind what no longer serves a viable purpose. You may come to the realization that things need to change. This is likely to happen quickly and sometimes unexpectedly due to Uranus’ impact. Pay attention to what life is indicating and listen to where it is telling you to go. Sometimes there may be connections with religious inclinations or spiritual tones due to the placement in Sagittarius. Some may choose to move to far-away locations or travel as they embrace truth often through some traumatic condition or turmoil in their life. Do not fear Eclipses because they bring change that is necessary for evolutionary growth.

This Astrologer wonders if Solar Eclipses are tied to goals and aspirations from a mental perspective and if Lunar Eclipses are tied to emotional interaction. For those that are interested, take notes on how the eclipse’s energies affect you if you have conjunctions or oppositions to this placement. One thing is almost certain, things will be shook-up and destiny has a hand in what unfolds. Fate seems to have a powerful impact for those affected by Eclipses.

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