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For a moment, let’s consider past life potential by being open to the idea. There are many who believe in this concept and others not so much.

Humour me. Let us take a little walk together with this idea. Perhaps there is a possibility and perhaps that this stage in our existence is to gain insight and to build on what was before. Those that do believe in reincarnation also believe that we carry with us karma from the past.

Have you met someone, and you just feel in your gut that you know them well even though it was your first meeting?

Is there a subject you know or an ability you have but have never studied the subject or been taught anything about it?

Have you been somewhere for the first time but it is all too familiar and you just can’t explain it?

We ask that you just stay open to the possibility that past life history does exist.

In Astrology, it has been observed that the Moon’s nodes play a significant role in our destiny, revealing our path forward as well as our recent or significant path from the past. The North and South Nodes do seem to have relevance. The North Node has been linked to our life’s path and destiny, while the South Node is linked to a past life and what we brought with us to help us to move in the direction of our North Nodes path. The South Node provides us with tools brought forward from the past (these unexplained abilities and knowledge we spoke of previously). Beyond this, it is believed that the South Node’s position is considered comfortable because it is a place that we are familiar with, while the North Node can be uncomfortable because we do not know this road. It is unfamiliar and new.

The South Node from a challenging perspective defines how a past life experience was for us and the undercurrents linked to it that must be resolved or can be used to assist us in our need to pursue the North Node’s path which lies ahead of us currently.

The South Node is said to have affiliation with Saturn, while the North Node is affiliated with Jupiter and some say the Sun as well. The South Node by sign position as well as house position speaks strongly of where we have come from and what may have been brought forward into this life. The South Node can also speak of Karma, both rewarding and challenging.

The Nodes are always exactly opposite one another, so if the South Node is in Sagittarius in an Astrology chart then the North Node would be in Gemini. The houses they are located in within the Chart would also oppose one another.

Our life’s signature, (that is who we are and what we have come to do, as well as our strengths and so-called weaknesses) is found in the birth chart and we carry this with us throughout this life. We meet challenges presented and we use the favourable conditions if we utilize the information provided to us in our personal birth chart. The lessons and the gifts are defined by aspects to and from other planets and angles in the chart.

Transits and Progressions activate these potentials found in the birth chart and vary due to the placement and planetary energies found in the Transits and Progressions.

We will continue this look at the past life signature in our next Astrology post on June 17, 2020.

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