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Pluto Conjunct the Midheaven

We thought it necessary to revisit the conjunction with Pluto to the Midheaven. We will speak in terms of how this affects us if it is located in the birth chart and also briefly define how it will affect us when Pluto transits our natal Midheaven.

Pluto on the Midheaven at birth suggests an individual with a powerful presence especially in the working environment. They will have the ability to transform the working environment not only for themselves but also for those that they either work for or work with. This is a position speaks of leadership and the changes that can take place in this person’s life when they transform working conditions and regenerate this area of their life. There may be some struggles of wills when it comes to moving forward with their objectives but any challenges would help facilitate required change to further the evolutionary cause this individual would be undergoing. This process would be very deep and would describe changes and transformations on a fairly constant basis where the individual would go through permanent changes once the process has completed its course of action.

There will be no half measures with this ongoing process as the transformation is usually on a very deep and personal level and often life altering. This is a position of regeneration of life goals. This individual would gain recognition for their efforts of uncovering integral internal changes but these changes will usually require some participation from others in the working environment. They may find that there is some opposition to these efforts by their superiors and the best route to follow is one where the ego stays in the background of whatever occurs. Their approach would be usually quite aggressive and this might also stand in the way of progress, but standing in the shadows is not what these individuals are meant to be.

Much of their approach depends on the astrological sign involved. For example, if Pluto is in Virgo, this generation of individuals would proceed in a meticulous fashion, digging up material that needs alteration and strategic changes, but will do so in a very organized manner. Everything will have its place and their presentation would be accurate and detailed. The Pluto Virgo individuals operate in a very orderly manner with expertise at their disposal.

Those with say Pluto in Scorpio may work below the radar and do things in a much more subtle manner. They would go deep into what needs transformation and challenge tradition. They would suggestion how the company would best work under most any condition. They would be more subtle in their approach but have an impact that would not go unnoticed. Their approach would be intense and also very complete. Pluto Scorpio individuals would bring things to the surface that others may not even have noticed or dared to bring to the surface. They may be more of the quiet type but would present an image of know-how and people would notice their presence.

When transiting Pluto is residing on the Midheaven, this period speaks of transformation in the working environment. Depending on the overall conditions, there would be powerful influences taking place that may involve disruptions and major changes to take place. There may be disruptions with people in power or authority and difficulties because of varying opinions. Things might also move forward in that the changes that would take place would open doors for new positions of authority and offers to move up the corporate ladder into management positions.

Pluto will uncover anything that needs to be transformed to a higher state in order to move forward regardless of obstruction. Pluto will facilitate change on one level or another.

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