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During the month of July, 2023 Pluto, Neptune and Saturn are all in retrograde and Venus enters its retrograde cycle on July 22.

Pluto remains retrograde until October 10 when it goes stationary direct at almost 28° Capricorn and then goes direct again on October 13.

Neptune went retrograde June 29 and will remain retrograde until Jan/24.

Saturn went retrograde June 16 and will remain until Nov/23.

Venus goes direct on Sept 4/23.

Pluto in retrograde still causes some havoc, transformations and regeneration but does so with a little more challenge. There may be more ego disruptions and anger for those affected by its cycle as most planets do not operate in their full, positive frequencies while in retrograde. Eg. Pluto can make you more reflective and look deep on a personal level, asking for an honest look at your more dark qualities and then purging them. Looking inward may not be a pleasant task but in doing so we can eliminate the personality traits that are not beneficial. This is a time of reflection and inner contemplation. When Pluto goes direct you will be able to move ahead without these implications addressing all the concerns of personal advancement.

Neptune retrograde wants you to separate reality and illusion. This can be on a personal level or related to important things in your life, such as relationships. This is a time for reflection and preparing yourself for the elimination of unwanted personal fiction that has held you captive because you may have refused to deal with them earlier. Your mystical approach may also have difficulty coming to the surface. You may need to deal with anything that has made you anxious or disoriented. Once you reach a viable, real, truthful conclusion you can move into reality once again and the doors of the mystical can open. This often takes place once Neptune goes direct and can use its full application.

We will look at Saturn and Venus retrograde tomorrow, July13.

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