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Most of us understand the concept of reincarnation whether we believe in reincarnation or disbelieve. It is said by some that upon death we are freed from our earthly vehicles (bodies) and at a later date, not determined by time, we may choose to come back into the physical realm once again.

It is thought that there are lessons that can only be learned through the physical existence and these lessons are so important to our higher self that we choose to experiences a material life in order to grow spiritually and gain further insight.

It is believed that we can return many times to an earthly existence. The soul or higher self decides on the best course of action to take when striving to learn. Our higher self or soul is always present during the material existence and quietly guides us if we care to listen with our hearts.

Some souls, we are told, remaining in their energetic form where they can help and guide those living in the physical realm. We are also told that some souls utilize all that an earthly life has to offer and complete the need for further earthly existences.

It is my personal belief that we have come into this existence to expand as a whole and ultimately return to our source as one, but this is a personal knowing and I cannot prove this to others.

There are some that do not believe in reincarnation and this too is a personal choice. The best any of us can do it stay open and objective to learning more on all life’s subjects. Being open to anything can expand our knowing, not on just this subject but on any subject. Being open and waiting for our own personal proof is the best we can do. We will acquire whatever knowledge is perfect for our specific point in our soul’s development as long as we remain open to all possibilities. We can only go with what feels right to us personally.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, find comfort in the never-ending cycle of life and know that you are a spiritual being living an earthly existence. Stay open and allow the natural process to unfold. Life is a magical gift waiting to be experienced. Enjoy!

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