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Restoring peace in our lives after experiencing stressful and frustrating conditions can be challenging. It is far too easy to let our guards down and to get caught up in circumstance and drama when we are tired or busy. If we take care of our human vehicle and rest our mind, we are far more prepared for meeting the day to day challenges and to stay focused on the present moment. It is just as important to allow life to happen. Not every event in life will match our expectations or line up with our goals. This is normal and easier to accept if we live in the moment.

Many that have been through trying lessons tend to experience and hold on to frustration even after the challenges have lifted, largely due to the fact that they are afraid to move forward into the unknown. Our ways of the past are familiar and we function without effort in what we know well.

Now that change has been presented, many live in fear. Others welcome the change but fear that the past will come back to haunt them. We can never truly know what the future holds. Embrace the moment and the wonders and beauty that the moment holds. The past is gone. The future will never come. What we do have, however, is all that is contained in this very moment. This moment is filled with all that we need, for this moment.

We can spend the next hour, day, week...contemplating potential future events but as a result we are wasting or squandering this moment in time that will never return. Let go in order to live....forget just existing. Shed the skin of worry of that which has past or that which may or may not materialize in the future. The past cannot be changed and the worries for the future are strictly imagination.

With a focus on love, compassion and forgiveness (for our own mental and physical health) we cannot hold onto anger, hate or resentment. Over time because of our concentrated efforts, we will attract even more love, compassion and forgiveness into your life if this is where we place our focus. The more we attract, the more noticeable it will be. It all stems from our focal point.

Seek peace within and allow it to spread and touch those that surround us. Foster an awareness of the love contained in our world (not the hate). What we look for, we will find. If we look for and offer love, we will see it more and more in our world. Why not allow our love and understanding to touch the lives of those that do not comprehend it? Hate will never be dissolved by hate but love can be nurtured through love.

If we radiate our love outward and stay convicted to peace and compassion, these blessings will eventually reach all those that surround us including those that appear to be lost and forsaken. We are all connected. Invest in yourself through love offered to those who most need it.

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