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Saturn in Retrograde Motion in Astrology

Saturn has a 28 year cycle and remains in each zodiac sign for about 2 ½ years. During its stay in each signs, it moves into retrograde on a regular basis and about 15 degrees of each zodiac sign experience this retrograde motion.

As discussed in an earlier post, Jupiter’s retrograde motion works similar to the regular motion of Saturn when it is direct. Saturn too works similar to Jupiter’s direct motion, and the extreme teaching measures often apparent with Saturn when it is in direct motion becomes somewhat softened when it turns retrograde.

Retrograde motion by planets implies that the previously experienced events or lessons may become apparent once again and are now subject to review. Saturn moving retrograde differs in that it normally deals with past issues and while in retrograde, it can open doors to new things that we somehow feel familiar or acquainted with.

Some Astrologer link Saturn with diseases that have longevity and the duration of their affect is sometimes lengthened. When Saturn is retrograde in motion, often the individuals that are experiencing these illnesses feel more carefree and worry less about the conditions in their lives. This is beneficial as any concentrated focus will enhance an illness and will draw energy into this area. In many cases, illnesses stem from adverse reactions to life’s events, and it is wise to challenge any obstructions that we may have as these provide opportunities for release.

Saturn is also often linked to business in some way and during the course of transiting Saturn turning retrograde in motion, it is wise not to enter into any new enterprising fields. It is best to wait for Saturn to turn direct before moving forward with new business decisions, even if you may feel positive about the outcome. Saturn is the planet of restraint or restrictions on constructive organization related to business ventures. This would include searching out a new career, entering into a study program or beginning a new business. It is often best to wait for the retrograde motion to have completed its course before taking action.

Locate which house Saturn is transiting through in your birth chart as this will provide you with more information. Also check to see which house natal Saturn is occupying. These houses will be areas of life affected by the retrograde motion of Saturn. When Saturn is direct in its motion, these areas will be avenues you can move forward with; however, it is wise to take things slowly as you move forward.

If Saturn is poorly aspected in your birth chart, the house where it is situated may require additional hard work and a conscious effort to resolve any issues related to that area of life. Since Saturn often points towards a dominant individual in your life (possibly that restrictive and strict parent), being born with Saturn retrograde has been associated with that authority figure somehow missing in your life. The most authoritarian parent may often be away on business or the parent may actually be missing in your life when you were a young child.

Wherever Saturn is found in a chart, whether it is in retrograde motion or direct motion, is often an area of life that requires more work and contains challenging conditions to overcome. It should be pointed out, however, that Saturn is the teacher as well as the disciplinarian in the chart, so it also rewards hard work and diligent efforts.


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