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On October 25, 2022, we will be experiencing a solar eclipse at 2° Scorpio. Those with planets or angles within 3° of this position by conjunction or opposition will be affected most by this event.

With a solar eclipse the Moon moves directly between the Sun and our earth. It often signals a karmic event and in many cases destiny calls. Things are meant to take place in our lives which can often bring us out of our normal comfort zone. Change is on the horizon and it can take several years to be finalized but much takes place the first year. With a Solar eclipse the changes that begin to take hold can begin as much as a month prior to the actual event although the timing of the event is often the most intense period and can last as long in years as the eclipse lasts in hours and minutes. If a Solar Eclipse lasts one hour from beginning to end the time its energies are activated is one year. With minutes, 15 minutes equals 3 months. (This eclipse should last approx. 45 minutes but please note, it is not visible in North America.)

Often quick and unexpected change occurs that pushes us towards our destiny’s path. It initiates new beginnings that are fated to take place. These can be major life events. Somethings comes to an end for something new to begin. In many cases we are not prepared for what happens and could never have planned for it although there may have been signs that something was about to enhance our lives and the change was due.

With eclipse being in the sign of Scorpio (the house position will vary with each chart) it often brings something to the surface that needs to be deal with. This can be of a sexual nature and is deep and reflective bringing transformation and ending old outworn conditions. This is a new path, and it is best to surrender and go with the flow. Fighting the process may not be a good idea as this needs to happen.

Depending on the other aspects to this placement it can mean that what is unfolding can bring happiness or challenging conditions to your life. The way you choose to look at what is taking place and how you deal with it will define how you experience what is evolving.

Eclipses are much more powerful that New or Full Moons and bring change that is due. Destiny calls; how will you answer?

A professional Astrologer can delineate your chart and provide valuable information not only about this particular event but a detailed report of what is unfolding in your life’s journey.

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