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As we move from the high-minded, philosophical and optimistic energy of the Sagittarian, we now delve into the much more serious sign of Capricorn on the 22nd day of December, 2016. The message brought forward into the sign of Capricorn is to look at life from a more relaxed view point and always look at life from a positive perspective. Capricorn, because of its no-nonsense approach to life, can use the high-minded approach as do Sagittarians, but Capricorn will have the central focus of doing things right the first time. A true Capricorn individual believes that with the proper foundation in life, we can build that which is solid and lasting which can take us to higher ground.

This so called higher ground in the eyes of most Capricorns deals with success and applications that are workable and can be used to build on success. They recognize the significance of hard work and are willing to persevere when many others would fall short. The Capricorn’s goals are attainable as they push themselves forward regardless of what stands before them. Capricorn is willing to wait for the opportune moment and then relentlessly work towards an end result.

In some cases, the end result might bring with it material benefits, advancement in employment or recognition for all the hard work that had to happen in order to reach that pinnacle. Capricorn people are steadfast and reliable and come across as being quite adept at handling most anything that life throws their way. They are generally not well suited for emotional drama, as they prefer to rationalize things out and deal with issues with a matter-of-fact attitude. This makes them well suited for leadership roles in life and many managers have powerful Capricorn influences in their Astrology charts.

Capricorn individuals are the builders, the realists and the workers of the zodiac. They are ruled by the planet Saturn known as the teacher and disciplinarian of the planetary energies. It is no wonder that Capricorn individuals make sure that the high standards are followed to a tee due to the influence of the Saturn temperament. Although Saturn does insist on working you hard for your end results, it also compliments your work ethics and rewards you for a job well done but only if you did not take shortcuts to reach that final outcome.

Capricorn does have a hard time relaying to others their own personal emotions. Some appear rather cold and indifferent emotionally. Some even seem like they are made of stone. Do not be fooled by this. Capricorn individuals can be very sensitive and have powerful emotions. They just do not show them and they want to appear as if they have things under control, especially when it comes to their emotions.

In many ways, Capricorn individuals do have what it takes to succeed in life and we could all learn patience and drive from their example. It will be quite interesting to see how this controlled, self-driven, motivated, cool headed sign of Capricorn will stacks up again our next humanistic eccentric, offbeat and futuristic Astrology sign to follow, Aquarius.

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