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The Sun moves from the Fixed, Air sign of Aquarius into the Mutable, Water sign of Pisces on February 18, 2021.

Pisces is a mutable sign suggesting that Piscean individuals tend to go along with the flow rather than swim upstream against the current. Some Pisceans can be easily led. Most Pisces individuals do not like to make waves and will adapt to others in order to keep things moving along smoothly without obstruction.

Pisces are very sensitive and “feel” more than most other signs due to the influx of vibrational energies from their environment. Some tend to pick up this energy flow from others and take it on as though it were their own; some without realizing this.

Pisceans are considered quite intuitive and some are known to be psychic.

Any type of abrasive behavior from others does not sit well with the Piscean’s sensitive inner core. They are gentle, mostly peaceful, unless there are other mitigating factors in the Natal Chart. The rising sign may give them an appearance that is quite different from what they feel internally. Pisces are mostly internal navigators and can be very passive unless they have a fire rising sign, such as Aries or Leo.

Pisces individuals tend to withdraw within themselves when aggressive or invasive energies come into their space. Some have such a difficult time facing cold hard facts that they resort to avoidance through drug abuse or alcohol addiction. This is not to say that all Pisces share these tendencies, but many do. You always have to look deep into a chart to find what other elements might persist that can influence factors of the Pisces Sun signs.

Pisces can be artistic or musical and some have talents that no one else knows about. This is as a result of a normally smaller ego in their inner personality. Do not forget the Sun sign is who we are on an internal level although much still comes to the surface.

Some Pisceans have mystical abilities and can reach far below the surface of life and find the deeper realms of their psyche. Many have prophetic dreams and search for the oneness of all of life. Their compassionate nature is often second to none, although some look for support at every corner and view themselves as victims of life.

Those with their Sun in Pisces at around 20 degrees (allowing 3-5 degrees before this degree and 3-5 degrees past this degree) will be experiencing transiting Neptune’s conjunction with their Sun. If the Sun is well aspected natally, many of these individuals will have the potential of opening up further to the mystical side of life in 2021.

Those individuals that have their Natal Sun in challenging aspect to placements in the birth chart and in particular their Sun, may find that they experience periods of confusion about themselves and a vague sense of where life is taking them with this aspect. Much, of course, will depend on the rest of the chart and the transits and progressions that will play a part in the overall experience in the upcoming year.

Happy solar return to all of our Pisces readers.

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