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On October 22, 2020, the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed, water sign and it is ruled by the planet Pluto, and co-ruled by Mars. As mentioned, Scorpio is a fixed sign suggesting that once a Scorpio individual makes up their mind about something, they will not be swayed. There is a certain amount of power and intensity in the average Scorpio although they are often quiet and subdued. Scorpio is a water sign suggesting that although the emotions are generally kept under wraps, they are very deep and highly emotional, even explosive under the right conditions.

There is a great interest in life’s hidden matters, and this includes any mystery, anything that lies beneath the surface and many Scorpio individuals find the occult and spiritual realms fascinating. They are truth seekers and will stop at nothing when digging below the surface to find what they are looking for.

These individuals are quite secretive and there is always something within that they are unwilling to share. Some are interested in what could be termed taboo. Sex, death and the afterlife hold great appeal for them.

They are ruled by the planet Pluto and Pluto provides great recuperative abilities. Pluto rules the underworld and is often found quite active in charts during times of death and aggression.

Many Scorpio individual have great strength and endurance. These individuals want answers and will stop at nothing and often can depend on their innate abilities linked to the psychic realm and subconscious.

Transiting Pluto and Saturn are currently in the sign of Capricorn making a sextile to those with their Sun in Scorpio in the later degrees. Pluto transforms and regenerates and adds intensity and when connected to the Sun in Scorpio individual, (such as currently) will change the course of life’s path offering opportunities to build towards something of significance but only after these Scorpio individuals leave behind what no longer serves them.

Pluto always puts an end to things as something new needs to begin. In most cases, there are no halfway measures. It is all or nothing. By December 2020, Saturn moves into the sign Aquarius and forms a square to those with their Sun in Scorpio in the early degrees. This is a much more challenging position than when Saturn makes a sextile.

Transiting Neptune is in Pisces trine to those with their Sun in Scorpio in the mid to late degrees of Scorpio. Neptune is located currently (October 2020) at 18 degrees Pisces and remains between 18-23 degrees into 2022. This trine aspect suggests that the potential for spiritual insight and potential visitations from the other side would have a much easier flowing than normal. Those with this aspect should open the door, if so inclined, and seek out the truth behind the mysteries of life.

Use these energies, Scorpio, to help gain insight into yourself and other worldly things during these connections. Be ready for transformations and those experiencing the Saturn contact, be prepared for a testing period.

All energies can work in positive ways. We simply need to harness the energies available and use them accordingly.

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