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The zodiac signs that fall into the element of Air are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The individuals influence by the element air rely on their intellect in life and do not do well when it comes to the emotions, although Libra will try their best to weigh things out. Air signs often enjoy a good debate. They are proud of their intellect and are quite communicative. Gemini in particular relishes knowledge although they often tend to flutter from one thing to another.

Air signs enjoy theorizing and will question things until they feel comfortable with the final outcome. Many are quite indecisive and have their heads in the clouds, particularly Aquarius, as many Aquarians delve deep into matters that are not easy to decipher. Most individuals with strong Air in their charts enjoy mental challenges and will dive into almost any subject.

In general, these individuals are very observant although some are somewhat detached, particularly Aquarius as they understand that they do not fit easily into the mainstream; however, they are comfortable with their uniqueness. Most Air signs are considered quite co-operative and open to dialogue, particularly Libra, as balance and harmony is high on their agenda.

Those with six or more counts in Air signs (remember to give the Sun and Moon two counts), live in their minds, are always seeking knowledge, and are intrigued with information. Many are well schooled and avid readers. Those that are not well schooled become versatile in life and learn quickly from interaction with others. They love to share their knowledge with other people and never tire of learning.

For those that lack Air in their birth charts (no count or one count) seem to be somewhat disconnected when it comes to their communicative potential. They need interaction but often feel separated or misunderstood. They always seem to be searching for the best way to define themselves but the best ways to release their emotions might be through the written word. Some individuals who are challenged when trying to verbalize find it easy to put the information down on paper.

Those lacking in air in their natal chart can be somewhat distrustful of the intellect and will learn primarily from life experience. Life is their teacher and they gain much insight even if it is only for themselves. Some lack objectivity and will only learn about themselves from the feedback of others. Because of this, those lacking in air often feel apart from the crowd, different in some way and self-expression can become a real challenge.

Compensation for a lack of air in the birth chart includes Mercury which defines the intellect in an air sign or well aspected in Gemini, also if Mercury is in Virgo, if Mercury is conjunct the Sun or Uranus, as well as Venus in Libra or an emphasis in Mutable signs. If Mercury is conjunct the MC or Ascendant, it also assists someone who lacks Air in their natal chart. Mercury rules the mind and our ability to communicate, so if it is well aspected in the natal chart, it will also help this deficiency, but if it is poorly aspected it adds to the deficiency.

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