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Many have shared with us their experiences of visits from loved ones on the other side. It is more common than you think. Many individuals rarely speak of their experiences due to what others might think. However, when in the company of believers, they share experiences of contact from family members, close friends, and guides.

Why are these events so commonplace now?

It has been suggested that humanity as a collective whole is evolving on both a subconscious and conscious levels. Also, in the past, many did not share their experiences, whereas now we are more comfortable and not intimidated to speak our truth. They likely have occurred in similar numbers in the past.

Our loved ones are never far away and many of us feel their presence regularly.

Some believe that the deceased are in another reality or another dimension which vibrates on a different level than our own. Some believe that when we raise our vibration, we can periodically parallel the subtle vibrations of those on the other side. It is during these times that we experience their presence.

For some of us, when we witness the passing of an individual, there is a feeling that something is about to happen. Some have witnessed a grayish-blue smoky material being released from the body at the moment of passing. Others speak of seeing a light leaving the body. When the energy/soul leaves the body, there remains but an empty shell.

Some believe that at our passing, there will be souls that passed before us waiting for us to transition.

One thing is certain, energy never dies. How then can we, as energy, as pure essence, cease to exist?

Do we begin anew?

Do we simply awaken from our earthly life?

We can verify these opinions when we experience this event.

From experience, many of us have no doubt that there is existence after this life.

It is important to stay open as we evolve. The door opens only when we are ready. No amount of “wanting” can speed up the process. Listen to the subtle voice that speaks so quietly for it is easily missed.

Although life as we know it will end one day, our energy continues on some level. Our loved ones are always near. We are never alone.

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