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This aspect between transiting Neptune and natal Venus can work in two very distinctive ways. Much will depend on the aspect that transiting Neptune is making to your natal Venus and of course the house placements that are involved.

The more challenging aspects can indicate deception in love and romance. There is the potential that something is hidden or camouflaged, or you may not be dealing properly with an issue related to romantic involvement. Hiding your head in the sand and not facing reality can be part of the equation. It is important to be realistic and to not put the person on a pedestal as you may be disappointed once the fog dissipates.

Neptune tends to put a veil of uncertainty over situations and can cause people to view life through rose coloured glasses. Sometimes we need to have other individuals that we trust bring some clarity into the situation. Ensure that these individuals are trustworthy, reliable and speak the truth. Honesty will be important regardless of how intrusive it may be, and a good friend will tell it like it is.

The square and opposition and in some cases depending on the planet involved the conjunction will create challenges. The semi-square, quincunx, and sesquiquadrate will also bring some distortion although these will bring more of an irritant our way than the more challenging energies of a major aspects.

Love and affection and young women are tied into the energies of Venus along with finances, beautiful material things and sex, although sex is more often an offshoot of the planet Mars. When transiting Neptune makes a positive aspect to Venus (once again the houses involved will play a significant role as they are the areas of life involved), this will be more favourable and pleasing than the harsh aspects indicate earlier.

The time while experiencing this connection may be when you meet or recognize that the person you love, and have strong feelings for, is the ideal mate. Love can be idealistic, and romance can be heightened to extremes. It is almost a romance made in heaven or at the very least a love with plenty of affection and romance. That individual may seem perfect or almost perfect. There is a general feeling of fondness and affection that you may not have known prior to this aspect.

Although love and romance are high on the agenda and a priority of what this aspect speaks about, financial situations may improve and what seems like a dream come true is possible although other factors will need to be in place to confirm this potential. There can be an idealized view of your finances, perhaps, you just have a different view of your financial situation. Once again, the positive aspects can be counted on as having an easy flow, at least much more than the negative aspects.

The positive aspects include the conjunction, the trine and the sextile. The minor aspects such as the semi-sextile, the quintile and others have a less of an impact than the major ones do but may still have a significant role in what unfolds during this union.

Venus’ energies also influence the female principle. Sometimes this indicates a young female is part of the equation; and once again depending on the aspect involved, this can be a positive experience or a challenging encounter. This can speak of a baby girl if other indicators suggest something similar. Always use the energies regardless of the planets involved or the aspects in the most positive manner to advance in whatever manner is available. Squares and oppositions are the teachers and trines and sextile are indicators of easy flow and opportunities.

Take advantage of what these aspects bring.

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