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Neptune is currently in the sign of Pisces. If transiting Neptune and Natal Venus were conjunct in a chart, natal Venus would also be in Pisces. The energies of this conjunction would influence the client to seek out the perfect spiritual union. There would be a tendency to put their lover on a pedestal and idealize them. There is a great need for an understanding of each other that goes far beyond the mundane concepts and everyday understanding in a standard relationship. With this aspect, there has to be a connection that knows no boundaries, where love can reach heights unattainable through normal expectations. There needs to be a psychic connection where both partners understand instinctively what the other is thinking and feeling.

There is the possibility for great love with this connection and also expectations that may be too high of the partner. It would be wise to view the relationship with this in mind as this individual could become obsessive with what they visualize in the person (partner). In reality, the partner would fall short of the expectations and when this is realized and a true understanding is obtained of who this partner is, it can be a bit of a disappointment. If anyone with this aspect keep things in perspective and understand that we are all human with our human flaws they may not be as troubled when they come down to earth and realize who their partner really is.

Neptune and Venus conjunct indicate an individual who knows love. There are no boundaries and infatuation is often a by-product with love affairs. These individuals love with all their heart and they also feel love and devotion on a very spiritual level of understanding. There is often something magical in the relationship, something unusual almost spiritual in the union. This is why they will have to be open minded and honest with themselves when the person that stands before them reveals their true identity.

Venus in Pisces individuals are very emotionally attached to people. They truly love others and feel great compassion. They are willing to listen to their loved ones with intensity and often feel what they are experiencing on a very deep almost profound level. They may get confused with the intensity of their compassion and love. They can mistake the feelings and experience of others as their own. They take on other people’s problems or they can spread themselves too thin because of what is taking place with other people.

They are social and gentle people. They can almost be lost because of their lack of objectivity and their sensitive nature is beyond comparison. They may also be attracted to beautiful surroundings - a gentle water’s edge or a beautiful landscape and these can infiltrate their inner state profoundly. They are considered very likable, extremely kind and often psychic. Venus in Pisces individuals feel life rather than mentally conceptualizing life’s experiences.

We will continue out look at Neptune aspecting Venus on July 27, 2016.

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