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T Neptune will move very slowly through the chart staying about 17 years in each sign. Its effects are long lasting and if it moves into retrograde over an area in your chart its influence can be quite significant. Its influence is substantial if you choose to utilize it. It is the planet of illusion and can cause quite a lot of confusion especially while in the beginning phases of its influence and by opposition.

Things might be a little up in the air during Neptune’s visit and you may be unclear with which direction to take but over the long haul its lesson becomes clear although it often deals with what is considered intangible. Its boundaries are often very unclear but over time it opens the door to clear perception based on spiritual understanding or psychic insights. The door often opens as we begin our journey into the strange world of the “super”natural. Heightened intuition is often a by-product of this alignment with Neptune.

Mars has to do with drive and ambition and although Neptune dissolves or disenfranchises that which is considered tangible, the intention of Mars is to create activity and eventually align what has been off course or out of alignment (with Neptune’s influence). Because the opposition is often difficult and may involve other people there is a danger of mistrust or deceit being part of the picture. People can be dishonest.

Neptune tends to distort and Mars tends to push for answers and resolution. The time spent moving ahead (and pulling back because of worries or unclear perception) can be long lasting. It is important to get all the facts and see the truth behind what is taking place. Although you may get fed up with the duration of this transit and its challenging influence it is always best to adjust where and when needed. Again, intuition may become clearer and psychic perception becomes more reliable as time passes, but give it time. It takes a year or even two to really get the picture.

Outside assistance may be required. Seeking professional help can do wonders. Look closely at the houses involved in the aspect and the placement of N Neptune as this will provide further information on what to expect and what areas of life will be involved.

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