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Transiting Neptune is in the sign of Pisces until April of 2025 after which it moves into Aries and no longer returns to the sign Pisces due to retrograde motion.

In its own sign, Neptune’s energies are tied to our search for our spiritual connectedness, our psychic potential and our intuitive feedback. Neptune is closely connected with our mystical journey; and when in Pisces, opportunity awaits those that are in search of this fulfilling energy.

As this post is written in March of 2020, a sextile from transiting Neptune to natal Mars would define Mars’ placement in an earth sign, either Capricorn or Taurus. The closer this aspect is to being direct (exactly 60 degrees) the more powerful the energies that will be felt. Check you chart to see if this aspect is affecting you personally.

Mars is our driving force and is known to be aggressive in its expression. It pushes us ahead in our quest, whatever that may be and in some cases has to do with willful action. Both placements (Taurus and Capricorn) suggest that the drive has to do with what could be called reality, perhaps in material terms, but the search is for tangible outcomes whatever it may be. We seek out something that can be relied upon, something concrete and stable, and Neptune on the other hand is pretty much anything but that.

Neptune is illusory and often vague in its expression. Neptune has to do with insight and the intangible. Put the two together and we come up with a search for or the pursuit of something that is out of the so called normal realm of existence, something that, if pursued, can become more solidified and reliable.

For those in search of mystical insight, opportunities await and the likelihood of concrete realizations is at hand. Neptune is often an enlightening experience when it touches our natal planetary placements after the fog clears. Neptune is illusive in nature and very difficult to analyse in terms of perceivable stabilizing realizations, but this may and can be observed on some level during its sextile to Mars in the earth signs. Sometimes under this influence we can experience revelations of truth, tangible truth connected to the mystical side of life, not just through the unconscious mind but also through conscious realizations.

This would be a good time for those who consider the mystical realm suitable for their evolutionary growth and sextiles imply opportunities. It will likely be up to us whether we actually pursue this or not. Sometimes these opportunities just fall into our lap and other times we need to give ourselves a push to realize them. Mars can now provide that push.

Check to see the position of transiting Neptune, natal Mars and also Natal Neptune by house and also by aspect from other natal and transiting positions to get a clear of what opportunities are in store. Houses are areas of life and aspects from planets and angles will define how the energies are release and what other energies are in play.

Enjoy this opportunity of realization and make the best of these energies if this aspect is in your chart. It will likely unfold in unconscious terms initially and then become conscious.

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