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During the month of March, 2018 Neptune is 13 and 14 degrees Pisces. If you natal Mar is in a water sign (Scorpio or Cancer) you will be experiencing a trine between these two planets.

Neptune while in transit has been known to make life somewhat challenging because of its tendency to make things unclear.

Neptune has a veil of the mysterious attached to it and as a result, it can be quite alluring. Neptune is also connected to the mystical and spiritual side of life.

It is important not to get too carried away with the teachings of Neptune although it can also be quite inspirational. Make absolute sure that you have one foot planted firmly on the ground during Neptune’s influence. As fascinating and tempting as its energies might be (especially when connected to Mars which really wants to pursue whatever is in its focus), be sure that you wait until the fog clears before jumping into any situation.

Neptune can erode away anything that once was once stable and reliable. Neptune’s influence can take you down many roads of exploration although usually in a very subtle manner. Quite often, the matters related to the astrological houses involved are subject to illusion and what once was is dissolved and no longer as it used to be.

Mars has a tendency to push forward with its objectives. Because this is usually a very selfless maneuver when connected to Neptune, you may find that you are drawn to the underdog and various types of charitable organizations. This is a great time to dedicate some of your time to the sake of those less fortunate than yourself, even though Mars can be quite “I” oriented.

Since Neptune is connected to the metaphysical and occult teachings, this would be a great time to study these subjects. You may have a strong drive to find out more and can learn valuable information through meditation, self-study and spirituality. The avenues of expression are more open than under normal circumstances. Applying yourself might bring forth great rewards and inspirational experiences into your life. If this is an area of interest (even if this is something new or foreign to you), this is a fantastic time to open up to the energies that are being presented.

Remember that this transit could stimulate the energies of Mars for up to 2-3 years and over this extended period, it can produce viable results and interesting experiences.

When calculating the influence of this aspect between transiting Neptune and natal Mars, please allow an orb of influence of up to 5 degrees approaching and 2 degrees separating. Some individuals who are sensitive to Neptune’s energy may be aware of its influence prior to this orb of degree but most of us will feel Neptune moving out of influence 2 to 3degrees when separating. It should be noted that we can experience this transit again if transiting Neptune should move into retrograde during its transit (movement through the zodiac). Also check to see which house(s) Neptune is transiting while in aspect to determine the area of life being affected and also which house your natal Mars is located in. One final check…..where is natal Neptune in your chart? This will further define what is taking place in your life during this transit.

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