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During 2016, transiting Saturn will be between 10-20 degrees of Sagittarius. Many people who will have this transit in their chart (be sure to check you chart to see if you have this transiting aspect) will feel its influence as much as 5 degrees approaching and up to 6 degrees separating. Saturn’s energies are felt differently than any other planetary influence. All other planetary influences will be at their strongest when direct but Saturn is at its strongest influence at 2 degrees past direct. Saturn’s influence has a slow but steady feel to it and as it approaches, it will increase in intensity and then slowly releasing its energies as it moves out of range. Saturn is slow and deliberate, and its intensity is easily felt.

When Saturn is conjunct the natal Moon or when it moves into conjunction with the progressed Moon, this is known as Saturn chasing the Moon syndrome. Its energies are felt on an emotional level. How it will affect you depends on if the Moon is receiving other aspects, but it is fairly safe to say that you may go through depressive moods, feelings of insecure and inferiority, and your self-worth will not be at its peak. It is wise not to get caught up in the negative ramifications that this conjunction often implies. You could easily become overly self-critical and although there is nothing wrong with self-analysis, remember to view yourself from a positive perspective as well. Do not be overly nit-picky but you may discover some flaws that will need some adjustment.

Your emotions may lack softness. You may even feel emotionless or cold except perhaps for the feeling that you are not good enough or do not care enough. Being reflective, however, does not have to have negative ramifications. If we remove judgement, we can sometimes learn exactly what we need to. Saturn is the teacher and will certainly provide us with information. Watch, however, for becoming overly pessimistic and self-critical. If you want to keep tabs, you can write your thoughts down on paper, but be sure to match each challenging characteristic with a positive one. Using this approach you will not lose focus on what really matters.

It will undoubtedly be a challenging time, off and on during this upcoming year, depending on how other planets play their part in the process. Interact with others to obtain a clearer perspective and a more rational explanation. Do not isolate yourself because of your feelings. You need to process and then let go.

Saturn will challenge you to figure out who and what you are. This transit will help you figure out just that. Self-reflection is a good thing and you can learn a lot about yourself during this aspect. It is pretty much guaranteed that you will make significant changes to your character, but growth is a good thing.

The mother and often women in general will often play significant roles during this period.

Taking control of your interactions with others can be challenging at times and it is best not to make any important life changing decisions during this aspect. If you are contemplating leaving an important relationship and you are unsure, it is suggested that you wait until this transit has passed. After the transit, you will have a much clearer picture of what is really taking place in your life.

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