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The transit of Uranus on the IC (Imum Coeli, latin for bottom of the sky), can have erratic effects in your life especially if it is stationary or goes retrograde over this specific degree in your Chart.

Uranus, the awakener, will often work in ways that are totally unexpected creating upheaval and change in your life. Uranus is unconventional in its behaviour. It is known as the bohemian of the Zodiac, and you can safely say that with Uranus anything is possible. Expect the unexpected is a common phrase used by Astrologers when describing the effects of a powerful Uranus transit. Uranus suggests, at least at first, that you review your life and make changes to old and outdated ways of living. These changes are a requirement of the soul from a deep level and if you do not make the necessary adjustments, life will make the changes in a more dramatic manner for you. You can either make the moves when appropriate or ride the wave that life will create to make the change. Uranus will turn your life around, but in the end it will be a positive and in ways that are necessary.

Uranus along with the Progressed Moon and often Mars and sometimes the Sun can be used as timers when deciphering what might happen in your life. Uranus in particular is used as a timer and quite often events unfold on the day it is directly making an aspect to a position in the natal chart or progressed chart, or when it makes an aspect to another planet in either of these charts, particularly when in conjunction. During the conjunction, there will be a blending of these energies and quite often something takes place particularly if this planet is also conjunct one of the angles (MC, ASC, IC, DC).

With Uranus transiting into the fourth house (and it is particularly strong as it crosses the IC), often the family, the home and issues left unresolved from the pass are highlighted. Remember that Uranus in its transit also has an effect on the opposite end of the spectrum (the MC) and often the working environment and your goals in life are part of the equation.

As an example, a specific Chart that was prepared for an client during this transit was unexpectedly packaged off from a long career spanning over 30 years on the exact day that Uranus passed over the IC. Not only was the working environment changed forever, (Uranus impact is usually permanent) but the home base also had to adapt to these changes and the home environment changed significantly for this individual. Although this individual often felt pushed to leave the job, fear of the unexpected held them back, so life took over and completed the soul’s requirement for change. After some adjustment, life did changed forever for this individual and the new life was exactly what was required in their ongoing growth. The working environment was actually stagnating this growth and because nothing was done to make changes by this client, the energies of Uranus took hold and altered the situation. This is an perfect expression of how Uranus and its unpredictability can disrupt life and change the course of things on a very permanent basis.

We will continue our look at transiting Uranus on the IC in our next astrology post on July 11.

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