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As transiting Uranus is now in the sign of Taurus and will remain there until 2026 those with their Sun in Scorpio will be the ones primarily affected by this opposition. Uranus will move into its stationary direct motion today, February 25 at 11 degrees Taurus. This is a time when its energies are at their strongest and anyone within this degree mark will be experiencing a change of direction perhaps with some struggle because of a desire for things to remain the same.

Uranus does not do well in the sign of Taurus as its vibrating force calls for change and the desire for the new to enter our lives, while Taurus wants nothing to do with change and for life to remain steadfast and stable. This change of direction may stem from outside sources and in some cases, we may be swept up without much choice.

The Sun in Scorpio relates to the most inner resources and identity, which, in many ways, is aligned with the need for deep inner-reflection and transformation due to what surfaces. Scorpio knows what it means to be reflective and to delve beneath the surface and is known for its depth and intensity. When confronted with Uranus, the awakener, this can be a time of new heights of self-awareness and drastic change or evolution.

The Sun is also representative of the path in life, goals set forth and the path forward. Those with Sun in Scorpio may find that their objectives in life go through alterations and in some cases complete shifts from what was, to what will be. Those with their Sun pre 11 degrees of Scorpio may already find that this has taken place prior to this post and those that have their Sun after this 11-degree mark will experience this in the future. Check to see which house your Sun is in the natal chart as well as where transiting Uranus is passing through to see which areas of life are involved.

Oppositions can be challenging but are motivating factors that push us towards our intended direction and Uranus always opens pathways so that this can take place. Uranus’s action may be sudden and unexpected and may also create some upheaval but over time it awakens us to why things shifted and what can be done to facilitate growth and a new view of our life and the path ahead.

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