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Transitting Jupiter Conjunct the MC or Sun

By mid-October of this year, Jupiter will be around 18 degrees Leo. If you have the Sun in Leo or Mid-heaven (between 17-23degrees) in Leo, this post will apply to you.

Jupiter goes retrograde on December 8 and continues to remain in retrograde into the New Year. It goes as far back as 12 degrees Leo into April of 2015 and then goes direct on April 8. You will feel its influence from October, 2014 to February, 2015 and then again in June and July of 2015.

As Jupiter crosses the exact point of the MC or Sun in your chart, (allow about a 2-3 degree orb of influence) it is often felt as a magnificent period when the culmination of all your efforts seems to come to the forefront. What you are trying to accomplish in your profession often gets recognition if this point is your MC. Your life generally feels good and you have relatively good health if it conjuncts your Sun. You must also take into consideration if there are other mitigating circumstances in your chart such as other transiting planets as well as the overall condition of your natal Jupiter. Often the placement of your natal Jupiter will also be energized and things work well in this area of life.

Many things in your life during the stated time period have the opportunity to work well for you as you are beginning a new 12 year cycle if Jupiter conjuncts your Sun and it will also take 12 years before it reaches your MC again. You may perceive life in a much broader perspective with more understanding and revelations that would not normally be apparent to you.

If Jupiter conjuncts your MC, you can expect more freedom of expression in the working environment and the potential for being successful is highlighted. You may have more opportunities than previous to this conjunction, as this is a time of expansion.

If you are self-employed and Jupiter conjuncts your MC, this could be a good time to plan for expansions within your business. Just watch for expanding beyond your limits as this period will promote success on a wider scale than it will when this transit has passed. If you are in search of financial increases and you tend to overspend during this time, then when this transit is over, your financial situation might not be a positive one.

This is often a time of study and in some cases an expansion of consciousness. Some with this aspect will go back to school and extend their schooling into areas that will increase their earning potential down the road.

Activities generally broaden and opportunities for travel or meeting people from foreign lands are also possible during this time frame. Any feelings you might have now concerning your own well-being are much more on target than any former beliefs you may have had.

If Jupiter conjuncts your Sun, this is often a time when these things affect influential male members in your immediate surroundings, especially the Father or your mate.

Take advantage of this time period and enjoy the rewards for all your hard work and seek to make things better in your life. Now is the time to make important plans for the future and move gently forward with optimism for new found freedom and potential new beginnings.

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