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Why are we here? To what end is my part in my life’s journey? How many have asked these questions and how many come up short of a satisfying answer?

Many of us have connections to the mystical side of life or at the very least most have inclinations towards mysticism and spirituality. Some have connections with their guides. Most practice meditation techniques and join groups with people of like-minded attitudes and viewpoints. We surround ourselves with healers, psychics and many others that bring their unique gifts to the table. We all have a magical element within us.

As we begin to develop some of our talents, we reach out into different expressions of that particular art. Many read books on the best techniques to enhance their abilities. Timing is paramount. You cannot awaken a talent until the appropriate understanding is without our grasps. With this understanding, the practice of meditation can brings forth the opportune timing which enhances our arts of expression, the art of knowing and enhancing.

Development does not happen simply because you feel you are ready. The work required to develop can be viewed as a test of faith and a learning of patience. Is this not a lesson we all need to learn? Understand and know that when the time is right, it WILL happen.

So you might ask, “What are my special gifts?” You may think, “I am not psychic”, or let me rephrase this, “I do not believe that I am psychic”, “I do not believe that I am a healer”, “I do not know the tarot”, “I am not an Astrologer”. What is my purpose? Why am I here?

The first step in awakening to your purpose or life’s path or destiny (call it what you will) is to believe that you have a purpose and that you are on purpose, always. You simply may not recognize this at this particular point in time.

Life changes on a constant basis and your purpose slowly evolves as time passes. You usually do not suddenly wake up with a complete understanding of why you are here, although some do. Programming your dreams to reveal what current conditions in your life are trying to teach you is another method of learning, but in most cases the answers are simple and very subtle.

Move one step at a time. Understanding that this is the process and as time will have it, the doors of perception begin to open-- once again one step at a time. Pay attention to serendipity. Events are never coincidence. The little things in life speak volumes but most times, we are so wrapped up in living that we do not recognize the messages we are given.

It can take time to realize your purpose. Your life is not just a mix of events that serve no purpose. Be patient and understand this. Believe in yourself and know that even as you read this, you are on purpose and are exactly where you need to be right now.

You are opening the door to understanding and beginning to comprehend.

You are love. You are compassion. You are the messenger of this. Remind yourself of this and then share this simple knowledge. How is that for purpose?

Stay open and listen. The answers are always quietly laid in front of you.

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