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Venus moved into the sign of Sagittarius on November 15; Mercury went into the same sign on November 16 and the Sun moved into Sagittarius on November 21, 2022. Venus and Mercury are considered personal planets and move through a sign quickly often about 3 weeks unless they move into their retrograde cycles. The Sun is a luminary and is tied closely to our inner self, our goals and aspirations along with our life’s route through personal expression.

Some say that Venus represents the feminine principle, and it speaks of love and affection, gentleness and being social. This of course is not to say that men, represented by the energies of Mars, do not express these qualities or yearnings. Mercury is associated with communication, open dialogue and the act of teaching or learning through mental processing.

Sagittarius has to do with freedom and the want for exploration with teachings of a high order often through life’s experience. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (in Pisces during this time frame) adds a square to the energy of these planets and the Sun. Squares often represent some form of challenge although with Jupiter the challenge can be overcome without too much difficulty.

When you put these three energies together including Jupiter you can speak of the need for open conversation of a higher order often related to religious tones, life’s philosophies or a need for universal collaboration seeking positive elements. Love and affection rank high on the agenda as does honest dialogue which can open the doors to expanded realizations from a more progressive or constructive perspective.

If used properly these energies can formulate an action plan that can lead to more social acceptance, an easier route to happiness and fortunate outcomes through diligent efforts. For those with planets in conjunction, opposition, squares, trines and sextiles to these positions (Sagittarius) it will be up to them to help maneuver themselves in turn assisting the same movement in an outward expression so that peace and harmony can follow.

Action is required as these energies will fade (mid-December). What action plan are you proposing?

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