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Do your struggles never seem to cease?

If it feels as though your back is against the wall and you are not sure which way to turn, remember the darkest moment is always just before the dawn. Life’s circumstances always rebound and although the course we take is not always the course we had hoped for, our true journey will transform us and teach us the lessons that we will need in our future.

You may ask “how long do I have to wait?” when you feel as though you are at the end of my ropes.

Truly believe that there is nothing in this life that you are not strong enough to or capable of overcoming unless, of course, you give up and you allow your attitude to sink below the positive points of your current learning experience. If you actually want to succeed, giving up in reality is not an option. If you can recognize the constant nagging voice that keeps you in your darkest moments, and know it for what it truly is, ego, than you can stop identifying with it and its message and in turn, recognize it for what it is.

Nothing can hurt us more in life than the relentless ego and people get so lost in its deceitful message, they believe it to be true and to be a part of the self. When we allow ourselves to bask in the sorrows of ego’s message, we completely identify with its message and making it our own. It is then that we become blind and numb to the truth. We become overwhelmed because we forget how to turn it off and are bombarded with ego’s constant defiling message that drowns hope.

Recognize negativity. Put ego in its proper place. Channel your thoughts in a different direction. No matter how hard, force yourself to see the positive in each and every event you experience. In the beginning, it will be hard to find that one small positive spark but if you look deep enough, even in the most bleak moment, there is a shred of light.

There will be moments for all of us that we are faced with life changing decisions. All change can be difficult if we do not let go of the passed to move into our future. Our positive decisions can open doors of opportunities unlike we have ever know. It is frightening to release our grip on the past even if the things and people of our past no longer serves us but we do have the strength to let go so that we can reach forward to grasp our future.

Have faith in the process and have faith in yourself. Know that we are expanding and growing even during the most uncomfortable circumstances. Our attitude forms a large portion of our reality. If we focus on those things that we do not enjoy or like, our life will feel as though it is heavy and stagnant. If we focus on the blessings and joys in our life, life will feel expansive and joyful. When we change our attitude, we change our circumstances. These changes may require action on our part. If we are positive, we will have faith in ourselves and in the events in our life.

Change is inevitable. If we fight it, we create discord. We will survive and be stronger and more resilient after each life lesson. Stay true to yourself, not your ego.

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