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The First House

The cusp of the first house is known as the Ascendant, which defines how we represent ourselves to the outside world. It is the first impression one displays to the world upon meeting someone. The sign on this cusp will provide information as to how we will react to the world. We will specifically discuss the Ascendant which as mentioned at the beginning of the First House is the first house cusp. This will be discussed more in depth in "Angles", a page which is yet to come

As there are twelve signs in the zodiac, each one having their own persona, the first house has a lot to do with our identity. This personality is not necessarily the individual we are on the inside, represented by our Sun sign, but often identifies us through physical appearance. For example, Taurus individuals are either a little shorter than most or average in height and have a strong body, while a Gemini is usually taller than average and slender in build.

As all houses represent an area of life, the first house is defined as a house of action where things happen. When planets through transit or progression pass over the ascendant or cusp of the first house, things happen, changes occur and transformations take place on a personal level, as this house rules your personal self and everything we reveal to the world.

The first house often has to do with our vitality and often describes our physical demeanour. The first house may also be reflective of our health, although the twelfth house deals with health as well, but often chronic conditions.

When a planet moves from the twelfth house into the first house it is often a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and depending on the planet involved, we can feel regenerated and ready to begin anew.

This is an angular house which strongly suggests an area where life is activated, and many times it is not hidden or repressed. Others will be aware that something has happened as we make changes which can even be appearance changes. Our personality undergoes transformations especially when Pluto moves across the ascendant. Many times our lives go through transformations and relationships are alter significantly.

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