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The Seventh House

The Seventh House cusp is known as the Descendant. This is an angular point suggesting an area of action. When Transiting Planets cross this line things happen, and often these things deal with intimate one to one relationships, such as marriage partners. It is an action point as is the Ascendant, the Midheaven and the IC, although the Ascendant and Midheaven are more predominant when it comes to action. We will discuss these Angles under a page of the same heading in the near future.

The seventh house deals primarily with relationships, especially marriage partnership, but it also has to do with one on one personal relationships. This often includes business partnerships and mediators. This house can assist us with locating our open enemies.

The Seventh house rules intimate relationships and as the First House often describes the point of self, the Seventh House refers to the point of others. It is a social house and takes in other people’s needs as opposed to our own.

Often the sign on the cusp of this house describes the type of individual we would be attracted to. Sometimes this house can define them, along with any planets found within this house and aspects to the planets. 

For example, Saturn in this house often speaks of a later marriage or difficulty finding an appropriate mate. Neptune in this house may describe an elusive or mystical individual.

The Seventh house brings a greater sense of self-awareness through intimate relationships with others. We often put out self-projected images onto our partner and any characteristics that you dislike are often reflections of portions of ourselves, or alternative, qualities that we fear. Getting to know your partner often opens us to an innate understanding of our own qualities. Some of these characteristics we alter or change and others we take in and make them our own.

As mentioned, Saturn in this house may suggest that partnership comes a little later in life, but it can also suggest that our partner would be steady, serious and potentially older than we are. Mars could suggest that we are in search for a very active individual who displays sensual characteristics and it may also suggest that they may be somewhat aggressive in their nature.

The sign on the cusp of this house defines the partner and how you react within the partnership, but you must take into consideration the ruling planet of that sign and its placement in the horoscope as well.

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