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Neptune Retrograde

The outer planets remain in retrograde for longer periods than the inner planets. Those that have Neptune in retrograde in their birth charts will certainly be affected. Those that have Neptune stationary in their birth chart will be even more powerfully affected.

“Powerfully” may not be the appropriate word as Neptune’s energies operate in very subtle ways. Its influences are felt often through intuitive channels and the unconscious mind.

In direct motion, Neptune often suggests cloudiness with our reasoning, potential deception or we may not be facing facts. In its higher representation is suggests idealism. It also could suggest a romantic involvement often associated with an idealistic view of the partner or situation. It is also linked to artistic abilities coming to the surface.

Neptune is linked with fantasy and visions while in direct motion, but its energies turn to reality and dealing with the actual facts when in retrograde. Open-heartedness and level-headedness linked to common sense are terms that could also be associated with Neptune’s retrograde cycle energy.

Since Neptune deals primarily with the mystical and spiritual side of our consciousness, during the time when Neptune is retrograde, you may find that you realize more concrete solutions or answers to questions pertaining to these pursuits. This applies particularly to those with Neptune retrograde in their birth charts. Look to see which house Neptune is transiting through during this cycle and also look where Neptune is located in your birth chart.

Neptune’s retrograde cycle is approximately 150 days in length, and it spends about 14 years in each sign. Its return cycle is approximately 165 years, so we never experience its return in our lives. About 40 percent of people have Neptune retrograde in their birth charts. As a result, Neptune’s retrograde energies are quite common.

When Neptune is in its direct cycle, there can be a cloudiness about life, depending on how it is aspected in the birth chart. There may be deception and deceit or often illusion and disarray when it comes to seeing things as they are. When Neptune turns retrograde, it becomes more genuine and more lifelike as Neptune can be illusionary when direct. It is more reliable and life becomes more real although what you see, at times, may not be all that pleasant. There can be a real feeling of let-down after a period of feelings of idealism and wonder but the truth is what we want, regardless of how it may look. Because of Neptune’s influence, when we view the world as it is, a part of us still wants to see it through rose coloured glasses. There is the unrealistic hope under this retrograde influence that what we see might just vanish; but it will not, and we have to face facts

Life becomes more practical and realistic with the retrograde cycle, and this can also include “visions” that are real. This can also include mystical understanding that is also real and identifiable.

Neptune retrograde is not a bad thing but it is truth in a broad scope.

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