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Jupiter is known as the great benefic and wherever Jupiter resides in our natal chart, we have an urge to expand and grow in that area of life. Jupiter provides us with protection and offers good luck and optimism. Jupiter is the planet of growth and signifies the highest aspects of life, your view of life and your attitude toward religion.

When Jupiter becomes activated through transit or progression, it stimulates the potential for growth, luck and ease in obtaining benefits that will further your spiritual growth.

Jupiter deals with philosophy and the grand scheme of things. It is the glue that holds us together; it binds us with one another and always wants to help find a positive outcome to any situation.

Jupiter promotes consciousness expansion and teaches us valuable life-lessons that we can take with us on our earthly journey. There is no restriction, no limits and no time restraints when Jupiter is involved. You are always offered help on a higher level and will gain knowledge through the higher channels of learning that Jupiter provides.

Jupiter is linked along with the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to conscious expansion and promotes healing on all levels.

Jupiter is the philosopher, the law maker and the judge. It sets all things right and in their proper place.

Jupiter does not reflect on failure. It only promotes continued growth through expansion of consciousness.

Find Jupiter in your chart and locate where your luck and optimism are found. What you need, Jupiter will provides, on all levels.

Growth and expansion are Jupiter’s prime objective and will stimulate and maintain its higher octave of power continuously--never ending!

Jupiter represents luck and optimism.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is associated with the ninth house

(Some Astrologers believe that Jupiter is a co-ruler of Pisces but this is questionable.)

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