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Venus in your birth chart through sign and house placement describes the potential attraction through love and creativity. When its energies are flowing smoothly, Venus denotes Spirituality from a creative prospective.

Venus is a social planet and describes how we relate and draw to ourselves shared experiences. This could include parties, social gatherings where we would be the one organizing the occasion or the recipient of such an event.

Venus also depicts our financial status and our ability to encompass material wealth. Venus is a beneficial and benevolent planet. Where Venus is found in our charts is where we will find grace of style, beauty and love.

Venus is always present when a meaningful love affair is activated. Venus deals with affection both given and received. The sign placement, as well as aspects to natal Venus will indicate how easy or difficult it may be for us to express the qualities linked to this planet.

Locate Venus in your natal chart and look at the transits (planetary movement) to see where and when love can become activated in your life. Look to natal Venus in your chart to see how you express love and use astrology to open the door to understanding this sensitive planet and how it can assist you when dealing with delicate matters.

Venus is an open doorway and propels us forward in our quest for love. Find Venus in your chart and learn how to manifest its purest qualities in your life.

Venus is the planet representing love and material rewards. It rules Taurus and Libra.

Venus is associated with the Second House and the Seventh House.

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