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Pluto, the powerful planet of transformation and regeneration, holds a very significant energy in any chart. It is an extremely dominant planet and when activated through progression or transit, it is best to let things happen as they will. Any type of resistance to Pluto's energy is futile.

Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio and speaks of death and regeneration sometimes literally, but usually Pluto works beneath the surface bringing about long overdue change to life. Before these transformations can take place, however, there is usually a period of deep reflection and the shedding of unwanted and unnecessary elements in our lives.

Pluto’s action is to break down structures that have taken hold in our lives that now hinder our evolutionary growth. Its actions are finite in the sense that whatever structure that has been built previously will be torn down and replaced with a new structure that is much sounder. To put up resistance to the required changes that Pluto insists are necessary, usually brings about a much more violent and aggressive change to take place than if you were to let go and allow yourself to remain open to the eventual change that will happen regardless.

Pluto represents decay on some level or another and is often evident in times of accidents along with Mars and often suggests actual death of an individual or circumstance. If Pluto is strongly placed in your chart, you are the type of individual who seeks transformation on many levels and wants control of your environment. You may be the instigator of required change for others. You may also engage in power struggles throughout your life, and life may also force change on you.

People with their Sun in Scorpio, many planetary aspects linked to Pluto, an emphasis of planets in the eighth house or Pluto as the Ruler in their chart will be under the influence of Pluto’s powerful energies throughout their life and particularly when transits and progressions become linked to Pluto in the natal chart

Pluto is the "planet" of transformation and regeneration.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and is associated with the eighth house.

In astrology we still refer to Pluto as a planet even though NASA has downgraded it to a dwarf planet.

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