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2017 Forecasting for those with Sun in Capricorn

On December 28, 2016, we will touch on transiting Jupiter in aspect to natal Saturn as Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn. Today, we will look at the semi-sextile between transiting Saturn and those with the Sun in Capricorn. Saturn will be between 19 and 27 degrees Sagittarius until it goes retrograde on April 6, 2017. It will remain in its retrograde motion until August 25 and during this period Saturn will move from 27 degrees to 21 degrees Sagittarius. Anyone with their Sun in Capricorn between 19 and 27 degrees (also allow for one degree approaching -- 18 degrees and three degrees separating -- up to 29 degree Capricorn to 1degree Aquarius) will be affected. You will have to use a very tight orb as this aspect is only strong within one degree of influence (some Astrologers use a 30 minutes influence).

Saturn, unlike all the other planets, because of its slow and deliberate action, actually has its most powerful influence when it is two degrees past direct. All the other planets are most powerful when they are direct and then lose their strength a couple of degrees past the direct degree.

The Semi-Sextile is a 30 degree aspect and is also considered a minor aspect in astrological terms. Many Astrologers believe the Semi-Sextile to be of insignificance unless there are other aspects influencing it. The Semi-Sextile often adds to an already bigger picture having influence in an individual’s horoscope. The Semi-Sextile does suggest an added significance of opportunities, sometimes being in the right place at the right time. Although considered very minor, the potential for opportunities still exists during the very close timing of these aspects.

It should be noted that when planets are moving direct and not in their retrograde cycle, the energies are released and can be used to the individuals advantage or will play significant roles either from a positive perspective or in challenging conditions. Saturn operates in a different manner than the other planets. The direct cycle of Saturn at times can influence the unfolding of opportunities after a time of challenges and disruptions especially when the aspect is considered positive. The more negative aspects like the square, conjunction and the opposition are usually much more challenging to deal with but also offer valuable lessons that can be used in the future to help facilitate growth on a very significant level.

When Saturn is in its retrograde cycle, which will be from April 5, 2017 until August 25, 2017, the energies of Saturn take on energies similar to that of the planet Jupiter. Saturn unlike other planets when retrograde suggests action and moving forward. Other planets when in a retrograde motion suggest contemplation and planning and it is suggested that we wait to act until the retrograde period has ended with all planets but Saturn. The normal cautionary conditions that apply when Saturn is not in retrograde motion are relaxed and past conditions are brought to the forefront. These highlighted conditions can be used to your advantage during the retrograde period.

For example, if you have been setting up a proposal and have been working on it diligently, during the retrograde cycle you may be able to proceed and actually achieve what you have set out to do. Of course you will also have to take into consideration what other factors might be influencing this in the chart. But in general, Saturn’s energies of disciplined action and steadfast approach can be used efficiently during this cycle.

Saturn often deals with your occupation and the goals you are setting in your life in a material sense, although it can also reflect a more spiritual context if Jupiter or Neptune are involved in the equation. You could use the energies of Saturn especially during its retrograde cycle to move ahead in business oriented ways.

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