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This forecast is focused on those individuals with the Sun in the sign of Libra, and is also good reference material for those who have dealings with Libra individuals and for those with an interest in the continued education of Astrology. It is important to take into consideration all signs, planets, houses, etc. when concluding on specific character traits of those born under the sign of Libra (or any other sign for that matter). The whole chart must be reviewed to get a clear and full understanding of any individual.

With this in mind, Libra individuals are generally motivated to being social and are interactive with others. They are cooperative and are always looking for ways to create peace and harmony in what surrounds them. They can be diplomatic and outspoken when the need arises but in general are quite amiable and tend to wish for fairness in life. They seek the middle ground and will often present two points of view (both sides of the story) if there is any opposition. They move from one solution to another so as not to make waves. This can often creates strife with those involved on one side or the other of a debate.

Life does need guidelines, and Libra, being focused on justice, represents what could be called fairness and equality for all those that are touched by life’s circumstances.


Venus moves into the sign of Libra on October 15, 2017. Mars moves into the sign of Libra on October 23, 2017 and Jupiter remains in Libra until October 11, 2017.

Those with their Sun in the early degrees of Libra will be experiencing these conjunctions to Venus and also to Mars, while those with their Sun in the later degrees of Libra will be experiencing the conjunction to Jupiter. The distance between transiting Venus and transiting Mars is too wide of an angle to be conjunct one another, but could indirectly affect those within a 5 – 8 degree orb of both planets. Some Astrologer give as much as a 10 degree orb of influence but those not in tune to the energies of life may not feel a 10 degree orb.


The Sun will conjunct Venus into early November and the Sun and Venus together is usually a favourable combination. It can indicate social affairs and gathering with people potentially discussing such things as marital plans and social functions. In most cases, these gatherings are friendly and filled with warmth and affection. These are generally peaceful gatherings and yet can also focus on business. If business related, you may be setting up current or future plans that would be very beneficial for all involved. The meetings are usually amiable, and a positive agreement is often a by-product of such productive gatherings.

This is also a time when love relationships seem to surface. This could include a new romantic involvement or in connection with one that already exists. There is an apparent feeling associated with the union that seems cordial and friendly and there is no telling where these relationships can go under these pleasant conjunction energies. If there are feelings that need to be shared, this is the ideal time to do so.

Love is in the air and friendship can move to the next level. This is an ideal time for the affections to be brought out into the open. Much does depend, however, on what the rest of the chart is saying as mentioned at the beginning of this post. To reiterate, we are simply focusing on just the energies of link between these planets.

We will continue our forecast of the Mars and Jupiter aspects for Libra on September 27, 2017.

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