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Our 2019 Spring Courses commence the first week of April and run to mid-June.

The beginner’s course focuses on the basics/foundation of Astrology including the signs, houses, planets and aspects and consists of nine classes.

The Level II course focuses on transits and touches on progressions and consists of ten classes.

All classes are from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. with an open half hour discussion period to follow. Full participation through each class is encouraged.

For dates and a course outline visit

With each course level, there is a private group page on Facebook for sharing and discussions amongst students. Space is limited to allow individual attention to our students.

You can pay as you go at a cost of $25.00/class or we offer a prepaid discount of $25.00 for both classes if the course is prepaid. Visit our webstore at

To register or if you have questions, visit

THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE COURSE. The classes will be held just north of Barrie, Ontario. The address will be provided upon registered.


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