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This is a continuation of our post Sun in Cancer on June 19, 2023, Sun in Cancer Post

This post will also apply to those with Cancer on their Ascendant. The Ascendant is often clearly defined as outside circumstances that others see.

On June 27 Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer and as it makes its way through this sign (moves into Leo July 11) it will conjunct each Sun in Cancer or Rising sign (Ascendant) in Cancer. Mercury is the planet of the mind and rules communication and the thinking process. Check where your Natal Mercury is in the birth chart and the aspects that it receives from other planets and points in the chart to determine your style of communication.

The home and family may become more important at this time and your mind may be influenced by what is occurring in and around the home environment and with family. Your children, parents and close friends will be of prime importance now. Your emotional response may tie in with the events surrounding these individuals.

Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces creating a trine for those with their Sun or Rising sign in the degrees where these two planets will be traveling through. Trines offer opportunities and often create easy flow. Trines are what we wait for and can work well for us. Neptune may indicate an easy flow with your creative endeavors or psychic inclinations. Saturn may indicate more responsibilities although this is a time when responsibility is a requirement. A further study into the placement of these transits in the natal chart and their relationship with other planets is required to get a clear picture of the energies and areas of life being affected.

Those with their Sun or Ascendant in the early degrees (1 to 10° roughly), will be influenced by Saturn as it moves through its retrograde cycle, turning direct on November 4, 2023. It will go back as far as 0° Pisces. Those with their Sun or Rising sign in the later degrees of Cancer (23°+) will be affected by Neptune as it moves through retrograde and into direct motion into 2025. This can be an interesting time and the energies are favourable for exploration into the psychic realms or schooling/teaching perhaps through studies or reading.

For a full understanding, a review of the natal chart with all the transits is a requirement. Suffice to say those with Cancer strong in their charts can be heavily influenced by the energies in place over the upcoming time.

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