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Love is defined as the intense feeling of deep affection for another person or living thing.

There are many different forms of love - love for a partner, a child, a friend, a stranger in need, a puppy, etc. Each and every person, animal, living thing that shares this existence with us offers to us an opportunity to express our love.

There is yet another form of love. There is a love that is so often forgotten and yet it is so important – self love. Take the time to appreciate exactly who you are. Set aside the whirlwind of everyday life and take a moment to true appreciate yourself. It is also important to reflect on our lives, our friends and the loved ones we are so fortunate to share this existence with.

The human race always seems to need a reason to celebrate and reflect. Sunday, February 14, gives us a reason to celebrate “love” by sharing our presences with those that we love. We can enhance our life’s experience by sharing and showing the love we have for others, without measure. For the individuals that hold a special place in our hearts, we can confirm our affection for them. We can then take it one step further to allow this sentiment to be expressed each and every day of the year through a special gesture or word.

Just as important, we can utilize the opportunity to spread our love to strangers who we meet along our path. There are many among us that are alone and in need of a loving gesture no matter how small. Create a ripple effect that is generated by one small gesture or one small act of love.

Today can be the beginning of an endless expression. Regularly, we can do something meaningful for our loved ones without the requirement of a special day. We can express our love in our own special way on a day that others would never expect anything special from us. Become spontaneous and act on those little whims that surfaces from time to time. These unprompted moments of unplanned action are the special moments.

We can celebrate love, romantic or otherwise, every day. Life itself is a celebration of love and we share this planet in one degree or another with every living thing in existence--even plants thrive when shown love.

The magnificence of this life carries with it love in many shapes and forms. We simply need to open up to the beauty and love that is generated around us on a continuous basis, each and every day!

As we reach out today or on February 14, we can take time to reflect on the love that surrounds us and then on what we can do to express and be a part of this beautiful and natural process. Love each other without exception. Give thanks for the love that surrounds us. Share the love that lives within for it will be returned tenfold.

……and never, never forget to love yourself for you cannot truly share love with others if you cannot find it in your heart to love yourself.

Nurture this natural process of love and allow it to grow, first from within and then to overflow.

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