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Are the winds of change blowing? Are the seeds of change growing in your mind? Do you feel the urge to move forward but you are not sure where this new journey might take you?

These are all signs of a shift in consciousness. You may find yourself venturing off in a different direction and life may change drastically, but this will only transpire if you are meant to travel in this specific direction. Your life may not change in an outward expression; it may just shift on an inner manner.

This shift or new perception is forthcoming as there is a need for new focus. Our current direction no longer serves a viable purpose. We are ready for a conscious shift and we have noticed that life seems to be stagnating and a restlessness is grows each day. This is most often felt inwardly but sometimes is reflected outwardly for our inner self is always reflected in our immediate environment.

Do not be alarmed by the confusion that often accompanies a transition. It is temporary in its nature and is quite common. It is the blending of the fading past and the new pushing its energies forward. A new dawning is fast approaching. This is an awakening of sorts, but usually awakening doe not present themselves in ways we would have perceived them. The mind will race through what is happening and will try to come up with a practicable solution for what it feels is an appropriate but this is ego again trying to take control.

Do not let the mind interfere with the process. It does not understand. Let go and wait for the transformation to take hold. Your unconscious mind, or should I say your conscious inner self will take whatever action is required. You are to sit still and remain low key while this shift takes place. It will come in phases as the full change is generally too much to take in all at once. As it unfolds, however, you will feel the shift in small gentle alternating waves of understanding.

This shift is different from anything we have previously experienced and will feel as though it is alien to, at least at first. We cannot imagine how it will be released, so let’s not try to control it. Letting go is necessary as w are being prepared for the shift. We have come to the realization that right now we are not the controlling factor in our lives. We understand that it is better to go with the flow rather than try to fight the current of change.

It is time. Be receptive and accept these positive changes. Remember this is exactly what is needed and you are ready.

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