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Let’s just stop for a second and reflect on who we are and who we think we are.

Should you adjust your concept of who you think you are and why you are here?

Do you feel worthy of what you want in life?

Do you live up to your expectations?

Do other’s expectations influence your definition of self?

The minute you are dictated by other’s expectations you will lose yourself. You begin to change to satisfy others and to fit in.

You are not here to satisfy others or their expectations. Be happy with the original masterpiece that you are. Be comfortable within your own skin and set your own goals and dream your own dreams. Do not live to satisfy others.

Be happy (it’s a personal decision). Accept and feel good about yourself. Make changes where changes are due because you believe that the changes would suit YOUR evolution. If necessary, build the character that you believe suits your soul’s needs.

Looks are fleeting and skin deep.

It is important to be healthy, so we need to do what is necessary to look after our earthy vessel for health’s sake but not for look’s sake.

Clutter around us can make us feel stressed so for our mental health ensure that you feel good about your surroundings. Our surroundings do not have to be new and fashionable, just clean and organized to make us feel relaxed and comfortable.

Remind yourself that you are ok just the way you are for now, then if deemed necessary build on what you would like to do FOR YOU and your growth. This is not to say that you should be wrapped up in you and only you but you must come first. You cannot “feed” a family from an empty cupboard. Fill your cup and then share your bounty. We need to look after ourselves first and then build from there.

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