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Amid worries and concerns for our health, we thought that it might be appropriate to provide a few details that determine under most conditions, good health indicators within the natal profile. It should be understood that these conditions within the chart can be mitigated by other more influential energies found in the chart. Rather than have people concerned about indicators of ill health found in the natal chart, we thought it more appropriate to discuss the more positive aspects related to the natal profile and their potential.

Health indicators can be found in several different areas of the natal chart; however challenging transits can influence some of these conditions, although the natal chart is our foundation. A favourable natal chart can diminish challenging transits.

What we are about to discuss will help us to some degree understand the workings of health indicators found in the natal chart. It should be noted that positive attitude regardless of what the chart suggests can affect our lives in a very constructive way.

The Sun, the Ascendant, the sixth and twelfth houses are the prime indicators dealing with health. A transiting outer planet moving through or connected to one of these positions in hard aspect does not have to indicate poor health. There must be several indicators pointing in the same direction to have an overall impact on the health of all individuals.

The Sun is our vital energy along with Mars. If one or both of these planets are connected positively by trine or sextile, this would be considered favourable. Jupiter and Venus would likely be a positive influence especially if connected by trine or sextile. Even the conjunction can be favourable. In many cases almost any connection from Jupiter to the Sun is considered a positive aspect.

Exercise and healthy eating habits will be foremost in our overall health. We need to live healthy to assist our opportunistic aspects and planet positions which indicate good health. We always have a hand in our life.

Mars is our energy and drive. If connected positively to the sixth house or ruling the sixth house and in favourable aspect, Mars’ energy can be complimentary as well. If the Sun rules or if found in the sixth house and favourably aspected within the natal chart, this can also be considered positive. Mars is considered a malefic planet but if favourably connected, it does not have to be perceived in this manner.

You will also have to have a look at the sixth house ruler and how it is aspected; if it receives favourable aspects from other planets in the natal profile, this can also be viewed as a positive indicator of an ability to overcome illness.

Beyond these pointers, you will also have to take into consideration age as this plays a significant role in this delineation.

A well aspected Ascendant will help with any recovery from illness and if Mars is closely conjunct and favourably aspected, it can often speak of a strong resilience or fight for survival. This will be aided by strong positive aspects from other planets as well.

Saturn in positive aspect can indicate a strong constitution and a well aspected Mercury provides resilience when it comes to dealing from a mental perspective to illness.

A strong Pluto gives powerful recovery potential as well as an ability to regenerate from many illnesses.

Strong emphasis in the eighth house is often a positive indicator of resilience and recuperative abilities. The twelfth house is more tied to chronic conditions and this current Covid 19 is not considered chronic and will eventually pass.

It is important to have a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol and drug addiction, sometimes connected to the twelfth house and the sign Pisces, makes the body more susceptible, so perhaps some of us will need to make alterations at this time.

Challenges will often make us look a little deeper into our life and we may decide to make positive changes as a result of this pandemic. There are always valuable lessons to be learned and this certainly is a good time to reflect. In many cases, these periods point out our resilience and perseverance abilities. We are stronger than we think and together we can aid each other in many ways.

In short, this is a transformation agent at work on the deepest levels and what we do with this energy now and in the future speaks volumes on what we are learning and how we might move forward.

As of this date now into June 2021, it appears we are well on our way to defeating this virus. It will be important to stay vigilant as we work our way through the process and soon life will get back to some form of normalcy whatever that may look like.

Be well!

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