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We continue our mini forecast for the Sun in Taurus from April 22, 2019.

Today’s post will focus on transiting Saturn trine Sun in Taurus. Saturn is between 13 and 21 degrees in Capricorn throughout 2019.

Transiting Saturn will be in trine to those with their Sun in Taurus in the degrees that correlate with Saturn’s position through 2019. Once again, as mentioned with Uranus in our post on April 22 and as with any aspect in Astrology, the closer to direct (exact degree) an aspect is, the stronger the influence of the aspect. However, Saturn has been known to become even stronger when it is two degrees past direct. This is because of its delaying effects.

Saturn has a tendency to create roadblocks, offer some resistance, suggests challenges and periods of testing. Eventual, however, we learn what Saturn’s is teaching from its lessons and a solid foundation will be built over time. Hard work is usually indicated, even with a trine when Saturn is involved. The rewards for hard work and perseverance, however, are well worth the effort.

Saturn will push you to think things over especially if it is somehow connected to Mercury. Saturn’s energies want you to rationalize what is taking place and wants you to question where you want to go in life.

Since the Sun’s energies represent our goals and objectives, as well as our inner being and life path, Saturn will help with the decision making and offer viable solutions over time, but not without work on your part.

The trine usually suggests easy flow with little obstruction but remember with Saturn, there are always lessons to be learned and sometimes, we can experience delays (but is this teaching patience?). When Saturn is direct, these obstructions may be more evident than when it is in retrograde. Saturn is the only planet that operates better in retrograde motion.

Listen to what is being suggested under this influence.

In summary of our two posts covering the mini forecast for Taurus, it is advisable to take your time as Uranus (See our post on April 22, 2018) will want action and may even just make things happen. If you have the time or are offered some options which is often the case, think things over and be reflective. Think about the outcome but do not focus on where this change might take you, because honestly you really will not be able to figure that out. With Uranus, expect the unexpected. This makes what might be unfolding rather unsettling for many (particularly if we feel we need to be in control). Just remember life always takes us where we are meant to go.

Over time, Saturn offers structure and stability. Uranus offers change and new adventures. If these aspects tie in together, this will most certainly be an interesting time for those with Uranus or Saturn active in their charts. They overlap somewhat in the fall of 2019 for those with their Sun connected to these degrees.

Otherwise these two aspects (Uranus conjunct Sun and Saturn trine Sun) should not be applied in conjunction with the placement of the Sun and not used in correlation with each other. You need to check the degrees of Taurus (in your birth chart) and of transiting Uranus and Saturn through 2019.

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