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Now that the New Year is here, traditionally many of us make resolution for change and address some of our own personal challenges. We could also take time to reflect on what we have done over the past year with our lives.

How far have we come and what changes did we make along the way?

Sometimes we lose track of where we have come from and how much we have grown. Reflecting on our spiritual progress is important from time to time. Some of us get caught up and frustrated as we do not feel as though they are moving forward very quickly in our journey. This new chapter, 2016, and each and every new chapter, can be a reminder to reflect and see the progress we have made thus far.

We cannot speed up the process. Life moves on its own accord. Understanding that this is the process will assist us in realizing that we are where we should be. We will propel forward when the timing is right, no matter how impatient we choose to be. Actually impatience only services to make us feel that life if moving even slower. The more we focus on the slowness, the more slowness we will experience. It is like waiting for water to boil as we stand and watch the pot.

It is best not to get caught up in the speed of our development. The doors swing as they should. Having no expectations is another wonderful attitude as it allows us to let go. If we have faith without expectations, there are no limits.

We are never off course and if we feel that we have taken the wrong path, we are mistaken. We are meant to walk this road for as long as we do. Letting go of personal control is very challenging, but if we recognize that the ego is the one that feels the need for control over everything, we will understand where the feeling and attitude of stagnation or slow progress actually stems from.

Keep up your forward motion and be content. We are in the perfect place for right now. No mistakes; no shortcuts and no setbacks. Each step is part of the journey. Enjoy the journey. Love surrounds us each and every step of the way.

Happy New Year and Happy review.

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