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We were asked what type of influence the planets would have on us for today, Hallowe’en. Our review of the energies is with adults in mind as opposed to being from a perspective of their influences for children.

The outer planets are the planets that have greater and lasting effects on us but since we are looking at one day in particular, we are looking more closely at the inner planets as well as the Moon.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in the sign of Scorpio. This in itself is quite significant as we might have a greater flexibility in getting in touch with the occult and psychic realms of experience.

Mercury would enhance our thinking and creative approach in the psychic realms and push us to think on a deeper level, perhaps reaching within. It is believed that the door or veil is more open or more thin during this period and that we are more receptive to information from the other side. Scorpio’s energy is insistent on reaching below the surface. If we were to attempt to connect with source and the general feelings brought on by the vibrations carried over from our youth when we were open and less “programmed”, we could connect to ingrained information that may be trying to surface. This knowing may become more accessible for us now under these influences.

The Moon, which is also in Scorpio today, would open the channels to psychic and occult understanding through our instincts and emotional interactions with spirit. Our intuition and feelings would be enhanced and this should collaborate with the internal information we are receiving as a result of Mercury’s influence. Psychic understanding and intuition are tied very closely to our emotions as they are connected through this interaction with the Moon.

With the Sun in Scorpio, we may be able to get in contact with our higher selves and gain insight into our own personal connection with source. The Astrological Sun is tied to our identity and who we are on a deep level of understanding. Perhaps with the channels being open today more than normal, we can make a greater connection with our true selves. Perhaps for the few who are more aware of their aligning with source, there might even be a shift of sorts that could take place.

At the same time, interestingly enough, Neptune is in opposition to the North Node. This would be considered the most significant of all the connections mentioned. With the North Node tied to our destiny and the South Node tied to our past, our past ties to mysticism could be highly activated during this time, as the South Node would be conjunct Neptune. The South Node is relevant to where we have come from and what we have brought with us into this life; Interesting now that the nodes are being activated from Neptune, the planet of mystical insight, spiritual awakening and psychic inclinations. Because Neptune is in opposition to the North Node, we would do well to sit and talk openly with anyone who shares our personal views and insight to see what they have to say. Much could be learned from them right now. The connection between the Nodes and Neptune will carry on late into November and even early into December. As a result, this transit is much longer lasting than the ones discussed above and therefore this transit is much more significant and influencial.

Enjoy Hallowe’en, Samhain (or however you may celebrate this day) and the energies it brings. This time is not just for our children. It hold significance for all of us.

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