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No one person is insignificant or unimportant!

We each have a role to honour and a part to play. Everyone, without exception, has something of importance to offer to the collective whole. We each have gifts to offer. Some of us unfortunately do not recognize these gifts but, with or without recognition, they are there.

We are the forerunners of this moment in time. Many individuals are awakening. This presents a wonderful opportunity to share our knowledge and assist with the current shift. What an honour for us to be here, right now, and playing our part in this unfolding story.

Why now? Why us? Is knowing this answer important?

Recognize your own yourself and to others....not for ego sake but for the recognition that you have purpose. You are spiritual in nature and you have entered human form to assist your spiritual evolution. You are perpetual energy living temporarily in human form. Utilize this opportunity.

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