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A Spirit in Human Form

Why are we here doing the same old routine job, continuing along the same daily route and living our lives with all its influences? What is the purpose and why are we here? These are very usual questions.

Yes, we do have extraordinary experiences from time to time and at times these events challenge us to move in an alternate direction. Sometimes they awaken us to new avenues of experience and expression. Life can be very rewarding and it can also be very repetitive.

We become so accustomed to our everyday routine that we sometimes forget we are more than just organic matter. We must remind ourselves that we are spiritual beings living a human existence.

Many of us although we believe that there is a higher purpose and feel connected to a greater whole, we forget and for some do not recognize that there is a spiritual being that resides within. We contemplate such as possibility but have difficulty fathoming such a thought. Opening the door to your inner reality and allowing that potential to become real without judgement can unlock a channel to assist in getting in touch with this connection. Through self-study and acceptance as well as meditation practice, we can appreciate this spiritual association (although it constantly exists even when we are unaware of it).

We are spiritual beings living in an earthly existence because there are valuable lessons that can promote growth that are only attainable through the physical realms. It is said that we move from physical existence into spiritual form from one life to the next until we have received the education necessary to move beyond the physical existence. Upon obtaining the complete earthly level of understanding and evolution, we continue our growth beyond this earthly realm.

We do not fully understand nor are we capable of understanding this new unfolding adventure in our physical form. Meditation however can offer assistance to becoming clear, open and quiet so that we can receive inner communications.

Our life’s experience takes us on the path that we are required to travel. Our life’s events facilitate growth and enable us to move in our intended direction. Next time you look at your life have your eyes open and understand the true nature of your being. Hold on to the knowledge that you are a spiritual being living in human form.

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