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Do not weigh yourself down with a belief structure that focuses on “all things come to an end” or “there is no hope for a promising future”. Our beliefs tie us to whatever that focus is. Our beliefs can hold us back or they can propel us forward. It simply depends on where we have decided to place our beliefs.

Which focus do you prefer? Which train of thought will you follow?

You are only at the mercy of your beliefs.

When something comes to an end in our lives, the door opens for something new to enter. We all need time to process change but some of us get caught up in the endings and fail to see the beginnings that are available.

Sometimes the door opens on its own, and other times we have to make the effort to turn the handle to open the door. To sit and wait is not suggested. Do not squander any opportunity. They may only come knocking once. In most cases, we have to propel ourselves forward. We cannot move forward when we are hanging on to yesterday. Picture yourself climbing a ladder. How can you rise to the next rung if you do not let go of the one you are currently holding on to? If the current “rung” no longer serves a viable purpose in your ladder of life, you must let go to ascend.

It serves no purpose to stand unproductively on your ladder just as it is unproductive to wallow in the past or to sit on the sideline and do nothing. Leave that door open. See what is being offered and when the energies feel right step through the door. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. You CAN do it!

New beginnings are seeds that are germinating. It you do not nurture them, they will wither and pass. Every day is a germinating seed with unlimited potential. Nurture the possibilities. Fertilize your focus and belief structures with positive nutrients. The rewards are boundless.

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