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Have we reached our tipping point?

The world and its political arena seem to be heading for collapse. If so, how will this affect us? Does this reveal that the duties and motives of some politicians are misrepresented by them? In the free world, politicians are supposed to reflect and act upon the choices and sentiment of their people. If our politicians are not doing this than either they are not fulfilling their duties or our understanding of leadership is incorrect.

It feels at times that we are in the midst of a storm and it appears that many are being swept into the turmoil of its force. After any storm, however, is there not a clearing and the sun returns? There are those of us that recognize what is currently taking place as a simple storm and nothing more. It does not have to be catastrophic and debilitating, but once it clears, it should enhance a welcomed change.

There are many that are awakening to a clearer vision of what our world is moving towards. It does not have to be devastation or disillusion. It is a foreseeable turning point where we can learn to work together. There can be a unique interchange which has not been adhered to up until this point.

We are on this road together. Many are awakening to their true self and their authentic light is shining bright.

We cannot help but see it if we are looking for this energy. We feel it within the core of our being and we understand that it is unfolding at an increasing rate.

In the face of adversity, stand tall. Know that you are meant to be here and experience today’s events. Have faith in the process. Believe in yourself and stay open. Allow love and compassion, and you will bring love and compassion to our world. You do not have to own the sentiment or energies of those around you. Their energies and focus are not yours.

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