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In our changing environment we have to adapt to life circumstances and push to live to our potential. Above all else, we need to live in accordance with our conscience. We have to do what we believe is right and not only do what is right for us. We also have to adapt to an attitude that what we choose to do has a positive influence on others.

There are many self-righteous individuals in roles that affect the multitudes and how they conduct themselves in many ways affects us directly. It becomes far too easy to conduct ourselves in the same fashion as the example in front of us. As a result, it is imperative to be mindful of our actions and not to mirror what is in front of us.

If there is an opportunity to right a wrong, should we take it?

Are we undermining others if we attempt to change things for the betterment of the many?

There is no worth to our values if we are not committed to them. Sometimes we need to make a stand and do what is right and just. Sometimes we, as a whole, can make changes that will in turn affect many and prove to be valuable in times to come.

We are all affected by the actions of others which makes it imperative for influential individuals to keep the best interests of the whole in focus.

Ego can be a tyrant. We have seen many examples of individuals in influential positions making decisions that tend to corruption where there should be integrity.

Do not justify your actions because of other’s actions. We should be ruled by our hearts not by greed and self-importance.

Should our own material gain be priority to those in need?

Should our own material personal gain not factor in the good we can do for others?

When we promote love and compassion with integrity and trustworthiness we will capture the hearts of others and these qualities will then surrounds us.

It is up to each and every one of us to uphold our loving values in our own personal life and to stand by our truth and by doing so, we create a loving community around us.

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