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There are so many people struggling with life issues even without our current pandemic situation. Many find themselves alone and feel they have little to no outside assistance. They are lost in the confusion and caught up in mental focuses and expectations that have brought about challenging reactions. Some of these difficulties are due to experiences with relationships, some are due to self-worth, some stem from a background where it didn’t seem to matter how hard they tried they were always stifled by those that meant the most to them. Many will carry this forward into their life’s experience and continue the attitude that only serves to hinder their progress.

We can aid those in need. Sometimes all they need is to know that someone cares, to express themselves or have a shoulder to lean on. Life can be exceedingly difficult for those caught up in challenging emotional baggage. Very few of us can truthfully say that we have not spent a moment or two in this confusing place, so we know how to truly supportive through experience.

Occasionally our advice is appropriate but usually it is our ear that is required. There are times we are guided to say the exact words that these individuals need to hear to propel them forward or away from the challenges. We may not even be aware that what we had to say had an impact and can be the defining moment in someone’s shift.

We are here to experience life in its fullest terms and sometimes the ride can be bumpy. However, we are all very resilient and, in most cases, get through challenging experiences on our own or with a little assistance from a friend or family member only to come out the other side stronger and more self-confident. We have what it takes to get over the humps and recover a little bit wiser from the experience. Many times, initially, we stand in our own way and the answer is right in front of us.

We can always be that warm touch that is needed for others. We cannot lift others out of their difficulty, but we can offer a helping hand. They must discover their own strength and find their way through the adverse conditions.

Be that helping hand. Be that warm touch. Let them know that you are by their side and let them know that they will overcome and be better for it. We can offer seeds of motivation and they can water these seeds.

Life’s challenges can always be met head on and overcome.

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