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If you find yourself in a relationship that is harmful, emotionally or physically, but feel you must keep on giving, because it’s the right thing to do, you need to examine why you feel this way. Be truthful with yourself. How can emotional or physical abuse be valuable in any way?

All relationships have issues that must be dealt with. It is imperative to deal with the issues before they grow. Abuse can move forward in baby steps until a relationship no longer looks as it once did.

Once abuse is seen as “normal” in a relationship, the abused is too afraid to walk away or they feel they have too much invested to walk away.

Ask yourself “Am I happy?”, “Am I safe?” Be honest with yourself. Evaluate the circumstances you live under.

Perhaps there are also children subject to witnessing or experiencing these events as well. Do we want them growing up thinking this lifestyle is normal? What lasting effects will result?

If your partner is not willing to make changes, review your priorities and see things as they are. Love yourself enough to take action with your best interests in mind.

You are entitled to a life of peace and love. Any thoughts of retribution or denial or even thoughts of self-worth will need to be questioned. Do not hesitate to reach out for professional assistance.

Your future is waiting for you. Release the past in order to live today. Give yourself permission to make changes.

You have the strength within. Do not doubt yourself. Believe! You are worth it.

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